Another Halloween Celebration for the memory books! 2021 proved to be, once again, a spooktacular year with friends and neighbors! This year Halloween was a 2-day celebration for the kids – clearly, they were beyond excited.

Like any other year, this was no different with anxious little ones asking all dayyyyyy long “when are we going trick-or-treating? – they were more than ready to go out the minute they received their costumes.

Spooktacular Halloween 2021

As we all anxiously awaited the time to pass for trick-or-treating, the kids were rehearsing their moves and poses (and apparently flying abilities too). And while trying to practice their mannerisms – Happy Halloween, thank you! – Trick-or-treat, thank you! – it kept getting louder and louder – the competition was fierce when it came to making sure they were being heard.

I couldn’t “wait” to get them outside for them to put their practice into action – if you follow me, you know how I truly feel about the process of Halloween LOL – (can you hear my sarcasm? Listen to our podcast (@UnhingedSisters) below to learn just how I loooveeeeeee Halloween – insert eye roll here).

Walking around was actually fun! The weather on the east coast this year was amazing!!! Last year we all became popsicles within 10 minutes of being outdoors – brrrrrrrrrrr

Seeing the kids all dressed and acting their part was the best. Our neighborhood has tons of kids and everyone was ready at exactly 5:00 pm – not one minute late. There were tons of little cute faces and some awesome costumes walking around with excitement. The kids kept getting entertained seeing others dressed as well.

The Unicorn

Unicorn Halloween Customes

Ari choose the Teetot Unicorn from Costco which gave her wings – translation, power to fly! If there was no wings, she was not having it!

As you can imagine, Ari the Unicorn didn’t walk – she literally flew from home to home. We lost count of how many times we had to tell her to slow down as she kept dropping her bucket of candy.

The Ninjas

Ninja Halloween 2021

Mase the Ninja was all about business. His favorite part of this costume was the daggers – yeah, let’s not mention how many times he got into trouble because of those daggers.

Although a very brave Ninja, the creepier the home decor the more excited he got – BUT this brave Ninja wouldn’t go too close to some decorations – EVEN if there was candy to be had LOL

Ninja Halloween 2021

Now, Markee the Ninja was in full concentration candy mode! He refused to skip any candy opportunity he had – unlike Mase, he braved all sorts of creepy decorations cautiously and scored a full bucket big time!

We all had an amazing time with our Ninjas and sweet Unicorn bouncing around ready to run from home to home to get tons of candy – and I mean – TONS of candy! Someone, please have the dentist on speed dial!

Until next Halloween!



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